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Weber's Window Services

Somebody has to do it, why not use a professional?

Window cleaning typically refers to the inside and outside of the window, however I can customize based upon preference. The chemicals I use for window cleaning include nothing more than a simple mixture of Dawn dish soap and water. 
Window scraping, mopping, squeegeeing, cleansing of the window screen and window seal are all included in the price. 

We also offer the following glass cleaning services; chandeliers, figurines, pictures, mirrors and sky lights.

Window Screen Repair

We also offer window screen repair as an option, and will fit to size of the dimensions of your home’s window. (Regardless of the age of your home) Properly fitting screens are a vital key to keeping windows looking great.

Blind Dusting & Shutter Cleaning

Nobody wants to do it but blind dusting & shutter cleaning is one of those things that is easy to forget. But, it is amazing how much dust can collect in a year. You don’t want to breath that in every time you raise your blinds or shutters. Let us help you out. Call Us Today! (423) 797-8526

Pressure Washing Services

Pressure washing can be done on the siding of your home, the trim, stucco, soffits, wooden surfaces, driveways, and sidewalks. The chemicals used in pressure washing are diluted bleach; however if you would like a more environmentally friendly option please contact me. 

Professional Gutter Cleaning Services

Gutter cleaning refers to removing foliage and other debris that is stuck in gutters and down-spouts. Keeping gutters free of debris prevents a roof from rotting and should help prolong the life span of a home’s roof and siding.  

I am extra careful in ensuring that any birds nests are not harmed, and i can carefully relocate them away from your home if needed. 

Once the debris is removed from the gutters, I will haul it all away for you so there is no mess left (unless you specify you want it for compost).